This photograph brings back fond memories.

I love the photograph of this sweet little iron bench because it reminds me of how we got our start and how far we have come!

On one of our early “pickin” trips we found a single iron bed that I felt pretty sure could be turned into a great little bench. After some conversation with my "Mr. Blue," I convinced him that it could be done (actually that he could do it) and then after a little bargaining with the owner I was able to make it mine!

At this point we had done a few small projects but this one was to be the first really good project. I'm just sorry I don't have pictures of the work in progress but at that point I had no idea that I would be writing about it someday. We brought it home and began design conversations to decide exactly what we wanted to do with it. When we reached a meeting of the minds about it, “Mr. Blue” went to work on it! Since then this design process has worked very well for us on countless projects...usually! Anyway, as the work on it progressed I began to realize that it was going to turn out much better than I had imagined. When Robert was finished, it was time for me to get busy and paint and lightly distress the seat. Of course I didn't touch the beautiful “chippy” white iron because to me it was already perfection! Once it was finished it was time to sell it, although I did so reluctantly. I have to admit we would love to keep everything we do but we all know that's not possible.

It didn't take very long for it to find a new home and with mixed emotions, I said goodbye. I still think about it sometimes and hope that someday I will find another little “chippy” white bed frame like it so that we can make another one but I will always appreciate this one, because it is part of what started this journey for us and gave us the initial boost of confidence we needed in those early days!


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    Sandy says

    Love this little white chippy bench and your blog!! Thanks for all the great ideas!!

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