For quite a while I have had an empty place on a wall in my living room that needed to be filled! I have an old potting bench that is really special and I needed something special to go above it. I had several things that were a possibility but none of them would work, they were either too big or too small. I finally decided that I wanted a cabinet to hang above it. It needed to be a little shabby but with beautiful details. That's easy to find! Right?!

Anyway, I started talking to Mr. Blue about what I wanted hoping that he would build it for me. I showed him numerous pictures from Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram believing that any day he would start building it. Well, finally the day came that I got his attention and he got ready to build it. I was so happy because I knew it was going to happen and it had great potential to be that special piece I had been longing for. I had found an old Eastlake framed mirror that was begging to be repurposed into a cabinet. Trust Me!  After a few days of design discussions he got to work on it. It wasn't long before he finished it and I was ecstatic!!! It was beautiful, absolute perfection and I couldn't wait to hang it on the wall above the potting bench. I had to wait an extra day because he needed special hangers for it because of the weight.  So finally the day came to hang it and I was so excited. He hung it on the wall just right above the potting bench and I took my first look at it and my heart sank. It didn't belong there. It was all wrong, too big, too wide, and too heavy. It was just all wrong!!

But I was not going to give up easily. I knew that somewhere in this house I had something that I could hang it above and it would work and when I found it I knew it was the perfect pairing. I consider it a very fortunate mistake because I love it so much more hanging over this old white empire buffet, than I would have hanging over the bench. To me it is perfection...they were meant for each other!

As far as the space above the potting bench goes, it is still empty. It is back to the drawing board on that but not to worry! Soon I will head north for a another wonderful “pickin” trip and I have faith that I will find the perfect thing! I'll keep you updated!!

I think there is a little life lesson here. Just because something is not just right at the begining, don't give up on it. Give it time; give it thought and have a little patience and the right solution will come to you!! I guess that's the moral of this story!!

Take a look at the before and after pictures and see if you agree with me. I hope you love it like I do!!!


  1. REPLY
    Glenda Reeves says

    Beautiful work, looks great as you have it paired. Looking forward to the accompanying potting bench piece. Love your style, posts and blog!

  2. REPLY
    Connie says

    Chris, I agree. It looks great above the buffet. Still loving your page.

  3. REPLY
    Jenny says

    My daughter and I repurposed a mirror frame like yours. It was in her husbands family. We had the same problem…weight…so we reversed everything and hung it upside down, putting the wide base at the top and it worked perfectly.

  4. REPLY
    Chrys Bowden says

    Sometimes you just have to think outside the box! So glad it worked for you!!

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