WHEN IT CALLS YOUR NAME YOU HAVE TO LISTEN: I haven't been doing much picking recently due to the pandemic, and I have also been keeping my sweet grandbaby. Therefore this post is about something I have had for a while, but it has an interesting story behind it! Actually, there are two stories because it is two pieces I put together to create one pretty awesome piece that looks like they were always meant to be one beautiful, rusty, crusty, chippy piece of furniture!

Several years ago, Mr. Blue and I went on a picking trip to Sylacauga, Al. We visited a company that specialized in salvaged wood, and everything we saw was incredible. The best thing we saw were boards with layers of beautiful chippy blue, green, and white paint that were perfect for a project I had in mind. I wanted a new kitchen island, and I knew these boards were exactly what we needed. We brought them home, and Robert built the island for me, and of course, I loved it. It was perfect!

A year or so goes by, and we went on another picking trip to Fort Payne, AL. While we were there, we visited a wonderful shop called Farmhouse Finds, and it was full of great treasures, but there was one thing there that really called my name. It was the top of an old Hoosier cabinet that had the prettiest patina I had ever seen. There was no glass in the doors, but that didn't bother me at all. Fortunately, it still had the original rusty latches and hinges. I bought it and brought it home, not knowing where I would put it or how I would use it. I tried several options, but none were right until I realized that it blended beautifully with the kitchen island, and it also was a perfect fit. So the island became a base for the Hoosier top, and it is one of my favorite finds and most popular pieces! I have had so much fun staging it with other treasures I have found over the years, especially my ironstone. The comments and reactions to this piece have been incredible, and I have even had offers to buy it, but I know it is one of a kind, and I won't find this again, so I am keeping it...forever!!

So the lesson here is to keep your eyes open for those unexpected, unique pieces and if it calls your name, take it home because you will find a spot for it or a way to use it and remember that sometimes you have to think outside the box! Happy Picking!!!