Today I am going to bake a pound cake. I love to make pound cakes, they are my favorite thing to bake. This one will be a little special because we have company coming and I want it to be just right for them!

Since we don't have our own chickens any longer I haven’t had free-range eggs to use in my cakes in quite a while but I recently found a new source for the eggs, therefore today I will be using beautiful brown, green and blue eggs. The yolks make the batter and the cake a lovely shade of yellow and they also make a difference in the flavor of the cake too!

I always get everything I need together before I start making the cake; the butter, the sugar, the eggs, the flour and a few more ingredients too. As I bake, my grandmother will also be with me in my memories. I always think of her delicious cakes with the crusty top when I bake. I guess those are my first memories of a pound cake. So it’s time for me to get started now. Maybe one day you can come for a visit and I can make a pound cake for you too!!


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    Antha says

    Count Gina Kaye and me in when bake a “family “ pound cake. I can almost taste it now!

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    Nancy says

    I’ve never been a baker; however, pound cake is my favorite dessert. I decided for my first try to use your recipe. Do you use unsalted butter? I’m never sure which to use, but since you add salt you must use unsalted. Just discovered your website. We share many loves: old houses, Blue Willow, and gardening. Looking forward to reading your posts.

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