There was a time when most houses were built with a front porch. The porch was a place to gather to visit with family and neighbors, to cool off in the hot summer months, or to enjoy a few minutes to yourself with a glass of iced tea. It provided a retreat from the hot summer sun and hopefully offered a few cool breezes.

I love to think about the families that spent many wonderful hours on our porch in years past. I imagine them talking and sharing stories, waving as friends passed by, shelling peas and probably catching a quick nap! Now we enjoy it in the same ways! I love when a summer storm blows in and the air quickly cools down. The porch is the best place to be then! Sometimes in the fall we wrap up in a blanket and go out early to enjoy a cup of coffee and the changing leaves across the road. Most of all I enjoy all of the Blue Willow treasures I've used to decorate the porch!

In the sidewalk at the bottom of the steps is a horseshoe that was placed there many years ago. On the steps are the imprints of a dog’s paws placed there so it would never be forgotten. We also found an early date written in the cement when the sidewalk was new.  I love that these things are here to remind us of the people before us that enjoyed and loved this old house and it’s porch just like we do today! Maybe one day you can come by and enjoy the porch with us!