I am often asked where my ideas come from, and usually, they are original ideas that rattle around in my brain until I decide it's time to do something with them. But sometimes I find inspiration from others in the photographs they share.

Photographs I saw in a magazine a few years ago and others I recently saw in a different magazine inspired the recent changes I made in my dining room. There was a design feature in the photos that I loved but would probably never find, so I knew I would have to find a way to duplicate it. The feature had been done on a pair of window screens and a pair of glass cabinet doors. I shared the pictures with Mr. Blue, and we came up with a plan. We visited Rescued Relics in downtown Montgomery, AL, which is an architectural salvage store that I love to visit! We found a pair of old window screens that were the right height but too wide. We brought them home, and Mr. Blue got to work and cut them down to the correct size and replaced the screen. The next step was to duplicate the detail that I liked so much with the “chippy” wood we had on hand. Needless to say, I love the way they turned out!

The next project was the mantle. For which I found my inspiration from another photo. The picture I saw was a mantle decorated with all white flowerpots. I had a few white flowerpots, but not enough, so as I like to do, I shopped the house. Before I knew it, I found enough small white pots, vases, bowls, and other things to complete the mantle. It took me a little while to get everything placed, but when I finished, I absolutely loved it! I don’t always love the outcome of everything I do, and sometimes I have to undo everything and start all over but not this time. I’ll be honest, sometimes I go into the dining room and sit and look at it because I like it so much!

So don’t be afraid to take inspiration from anywhere you find it and then make it your own. You might surprise yourself!!!