After what seemed like a long hot summer, it’s finally fall in the south and I couldn’t be happier about it! I love fall and everything that goes along with it. I especially love decorating my old home every fall.

This past weekend Mr. Blue and I took a little trip to Wright’s Produce at the Farmers Market in Montgomery to buy a few pumpkins. We came home with beautiful pumpkins, gourds, mums, corn stalks and a little produce too. We also made a stop at Hobby Lobby on the way home to buy fall leaves, small pine cones, acorns and a very authentic looking metal sign. We made one last stop at Handey’s Farm in Pike Road and bought more pumpkins before finally heading home. So I have spent the last few days decorating the house and having a lot of fun doing it too.

My blog describes my style as being simple and relaxed and that is how I have approached my fall decorating, nothing too over the top. I framed the entrance to the porch with pumpkins, mums and the corn stalks and lined the steps with more pumpkins. Also over the entrance I hung a string of fall leaves secured with clothespins. My favorite part of the front decorations are the two very old iron urns that I put two very large pumpkins on. When I bought the urns I was told they came from an old house in Union Springs, AL. which is not too far from where I live. I think they are awesome and I am very thankful to have them. Also my trusty, rusty little truck sits on the table by the front door filled with gourds and straw and I just love it!! I finished the porch decor with a fall wreath for the front door. I couldn't forget my old bicycle so I filled the front basket with more beautiful pumpkins.

In the dining room the farm table has a centerpiece featuring my Henrietta Hen and her chicks. They are surrounded by small silk cabbages, dried hydrangea blooms and colorful fall leaves. I also have another jute string with fall leaves held with clothespins over the front dining room windows. My living room is adjacent to the dining room and I have continued my simple style into it with lots of beautiful autumn leaves on the mantle.

On the island in the kitchen, Gracie and her chicks are adorned with a green garland of leaves and large, colorful fall leaves. I have 116 Grace Lane to thank for Gracie and her babies and they always sit in the kitchen on one of my favorite old scales. Over the kitchen window is yet another jute string of fall leaves and clothespins. I must really like those!? Also above them is the new metal “Thankful” sign. I usually prefer things that are authentic but this one has “chippy” and rusty places that give it a very authentic feel and I really liked it so it came home with me. Finishing the kitchen is a small chalkboard with a fall image drawn by Mr. Blue, my artist in residence. One last thing is the center hallway where I have a pretty amber glass pitcher with three fall branches arranged in it. I like it so much just for the beautiful simplicity of it!

I really enjoy Fall in this old house, and for my style, the decorations are just right! I can’t say that I won’t add a few additional items, but not much because I want to keep it simple. For now I think I’ll open a few windows, make a big pot of veggie soup and enjoy!!


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    Love your ideas on decorating!

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