Check out our list of frequently asked questions below. Should you haver any other questions, please email us at:  Or call us at 334-652-1751.•

How can I purchase items form Blue Willow Home & Farm?

There are several ways you can purchase Blue Willow Home & Farm treasures! As you follow our blog, occasionally you will see where we have listed some small items for sell that can be shipped to you. We also occasionally hold Farmhouse Sales at our home located in Shorter, Alabama.  Check out our Events Page and follow us on Facebook to keep up on the latest events and sales. Also, if you see something posted on our website, give us a call at 334-652-1751 to inquire and arrange a purchase.


How did you learn your craft?

For most part, I have to say it is instinct. I am a very visual person. I can usually look at something and right a way know if it is right for a room, if it has potential to be refurbished or repurposed or if I need to pass it up. A lot of the furniture that I bring home needs help and Mr. Blue is wonderful at making the repairs and doing the prep work before I paint (I couldn't do it without him)! Learning the techniques I use to paint the furniture has been a trial and error process over the last five years and and I'm still learning but I usually am pretty pleased with what we do.


Where do I find most of my items?

There is no one answer to that question! I am constantly searching for treasures everywhere I go. I find most of my things at flea markets, auctions, estate sales, occasionally yard sales, junk yards and sometimes even on the side of the road! I also have a network of people that know what I do and they contact me when they have something they think I may like! To me, a day spent "pickin" is a wonderful day! So just get out there and keep your eyes open because you never know what you might find!!

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