I hope you have enjoyed the first two posts about discovering the Dixie Art Colony cabin and also about the fascinating history of the property and the Dixie Art Colony. Now it is time for the third and final post in this series. In this post we will share what we have done to the property over the last three years giving you a look at what the cabin looks like today. There are times we stop and look around and can hardly believe how far we have come and what we have been blessed to be able to accomplish there!

Blue Willow Home & Farm

Shown above is the renovated streetside of our weekend retreat.

As you remember, the property was in foreclosure when we bought it and had sat empty for several years. Needless to say, it was in pretty sad condition. It had the potential for a beautiful view of the lake but no access to that view. The paint colors were definitely not to my taste and the awful carpet had to go also.

The one saving grace was the large living and dining area. The walls and ceiling were covered in beautiful vintage pine paneling and the floor was hardwood and all was in good condition. Other than that, everything needed work!

We started upstairs by painting the bedrooms white and then pulling out the old carpet in the bedrooms. Fortunately we found more hardwood floors under the carpet and we were able to refinish the floors. The bedrooms upstairs faced the lake so we had French doors installed in each bedroom and then a large covered porch built so we could step outside and really enjoy the view. While that work was being done, we tackled the kitchen. For a cabin, it has a large kitchen which I came to understand later was because the kitchen was original to the cabin and was used to cook, and as a dining hall, for all of the artists that visited the colony each summer. We also painted it all white and had new concrete counters installed as well as new appliances and light fixtures.

Then, it was time to start decorating!!! I wanted to stay as true to the era of the Dixie Art Colony as possible with the decor and even though I didn't know exactly what it looked like I had a pretty good idea! Of course the decor is also influenced by my Blue Willow Home & Farm style!

Next, we tackled the downstairs area, which needed lots of work also. There were two bedrooms, a bathroom and a den to redo downstairs. Fortunately, all the downstairs floors were in good shape but all the walls required repairs and several coats of white paint. I chose white paint throughout the cabin to give it a lighter, brighter feel. The only rooms we did not paint were one of the downstairs bedrooms that had original bead-board on the walls, which was in good condition, and of course, the paneled living/dining room upstairs. We also had French doors installed in one of the downstairs bedrooms and in the den to provide us with the beautiful view of the water. We had another large porch built downstairs also.

I could go into great detail about all of the decorating but I think I will let the pictures do that for me. They will do a much better job and I know you would prefer to see them! Hope you enjoy them and I will be happy to answer any questions about the Dixie Art Colony and the cabin!! Oh and by the way this is just the beginning of my stories about the colony, the cabin and the property! There is much more to tell. I think my next Dixie Art Colony post will be about the incredible waterfall on the property or maybe about an old bar (yes, I said a bar) on the property that we turned into the biggest, coolest porch on the lake! I can't wait to share all of the stories with you!

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