Well, Spring is here, and that means Spring cleaning, so I have started with the back porch. It has taken a few days to get it done, but it has been worth all the work!  Now that it is finished, it is my favorite place to be. I start my day with coffee on the porch, I spent time reading, talking with Mr. Blue, and even taking an occasional nap. In other words, right now, it is where I go to breathe and be peaceful!

There are several cozy places to sit and enjoy the views. The wisteria is blooming now, the trees are filled with new, green leaves, and the birds are everywhere. Beautiful as these views are, I also enjoy the view of the porch. As expected, it is filled with lots of beautiful junk and treasures that I have picked and accumulated over the years! My favorite, old, iron bed that I wrote about last week, old wicker chairs and rockers that a friend had for sale several months ago, and a rusty old metal crib I have turned into a settee. Also, anyone that follows me on Instagram knows that I love old doll cribs and have lots of uses for them, and I have repurposed one on the porch as a side table. I also have a galvanized tub filled with old quilts for crisp early mornings and evenings too.

I have to acknowledge how thankful I am to have this beautiful place to escape to when things get a little too stressful and overwhelming. I hope maybe this will inspire you to find your restful spot, inside or out, to claim as your retreat at your home. I would love to see your pictures and hear about your getaway place! I hope you can find time to spend there. Also, look for another blog post later this week because there is much more to share about the back porch!!


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