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It's funny how sometimes life can bring you full circle in order to show you where you are supposed to be! That's the way it was for myself and for my husband Robert.

We are both originally from Montgomery, AL and although it was many years later before we met, Montgomery is what brought us together! We both spent our childhoods and young adult years in other places and due to similar circumstances we both later returned to Montgomery. Prior to returning to Montgomery, we had both experienced the death of our first spouse. I moved home with my infant son and a determination to build a new life. As the years went by, I did manage to build a new life. I went back to school and earned a masters degree in education and became a teacher. Then, before I knew it, my son was leaving for college!

I thought I was finished, but God had other plans for me! During this time Robert was just moving back to Montgomery and I ran into his cousin who I had known when I was a child. She arranged a meeting and on our first date we met for lunch. After lunch, Robert asked me what I was doing that weekend and I told him I was painting a bedroom. With that bit of knowledge in hand, he offered to take me to Home Depot to buy the paint and two years later, I was walking down the isle!

I have always told him never say you didn't know what you were getting into when you married me! After we had been married a few years I decided to retire from teaching, but I realized quickly that I needed something new to do. We started out with a flower farm growing zinnias and sunflowers and selling them at local Farmer's Markets. But when fall came we knew we needed something else to fill our time and in 2013, we started Blue Willow Home & Farm. We love what we do and over the years we have shared a lot of the furniture we have restored and treasures we have found. We have now decided it's time to share our home with you. We love our old farmhouse and hope you will find inspiration in what we have created and that you will find items that you like and want to make your own.


My primary residence is a wonderful old craftsman-style bungalow that was built in 1933 by a country doctor. It's a big, rambling old house with lots of rooms, porches and hallways. Of course I love all the rooms because that means more to decorate. I have had so much fun working on this house, and I'm sure I will continue working on it for quite a while.  My styles vary with some English Country, some Farmhouse and lots of eclectic, shabby, rusty and “chippy” elements. There are also some awesome stories about the house. I will be sharing lots of pictures and more about it in the days to come.

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