I have enjoyed decorating our old cabin at the lake, and if I had to pick my favorite room, it would be the living room. It offered everything we had wanted in a cabin.

The cabin had a beautiful fireplace made of stone and brick, old knotty pine paneling, wooden floors, and lots of space. I tried to stay true to the warm, cozy feel of the entire cabin and decorated with vintage treasures throughout, especially in the living area. I started by shopping my home for things to use, which included some beautiful family pieces. What I didn't find at home, I scoured for at flea markets, thrift stores, and estate sales. I have to admit that I enjoyed that part of the search!

The first thing I placed in the living area was a large bookcase filled with vintage books that had belonged to a favorite aunt and uncle. Next was a beautiful farm table built by Mr. Blue. The massive table legs had once been the porch posts on a very old house. I hung an antique, brass chandelier over the table that I was fortunate to find at an estate sale. I placed seating areas around the fireplace with a pair of upholstered chairs on one side and a brown leather sofa on the other side. The sofa was the only thing we bought new. Facing the fireplace are two very comfortable, old rocking chairs. One was given to us, and the other was a thrift store find. The low table that sits in the middle of it all was another family piece that I painted white and distressed to help brighten the room. Fortunately, there was enough space behind the sofa to create a little reading nook that I furnished with a pair of very old reupholstered chairs. I also had enough room to add an old floor model radio that we somewhat refurbished and also my favorite vintage dollhouse! I love that little space!

Needless to say, there are many other vintage treasures in the room that bring it all together, large and small, and it all seems to work! Every time I come into the cabin, I have to stop and remind myself that it really belongs to us because it certainly is a dream come true!